We’re building the future of freshwater protection.

Lakes and rivers across America are deteriorating, threatening water quality, ecosystem health, and economies for millions of people.

The Jefferson Project is changing that.

An unprecedented collaboration of scientists and engineers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and IBM Research, combined with advocates at The FUND for Lake George, is working to understand, anticipate, and respond to intensifying pressures from climate change and human use.

  • IBM
  • Rensselaer
  • The FUND for Lake George

We’re establishing the model for ecosystem resilience at Lake George that can be used around the globe.

To build this ecosystem resilience model, we’re deploying the world’s most sophisticated freshwater monitoring system, learning about Lake George from physics to fish.

We are predicting the future with billions of data points, discovering which interventions will be effective through our scenario engine. We’re learning where to target salt reduction, wastewater and stormwater runoff, and invasive species mitigation.

And we get rapid feedback on the impact of our work, so we can ensure our investments are targeted to deliver the largest impact.

The lessons we learn here can be applied to other lakes and rivers, preventing Harmful Algal Blooms, protecting drinking water and food supplies, preserving healthy economies, and maintaining our connection with the water we love.

This world-leading science is already transferring to other ecosystems.

graphic showing connection between Lake George and Skaneateles Lake

Visit the Jefferson Project website for more information about our work.